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L'AVIQ in English

L'AVIQ in English

Overview of the AVIQ

Policies relating to health, welfare, support for the elderly, disability and family allowances are divided between the federal level, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and Wallonia, as well as, in each level of power, between several administrations and public interest bodies.

In order to better respond to the needs of citizens, the Walloon Government has therefore decided to simplify the bodies and to create a single Walloon Agency competent for all these matters.

The Agency is responsible for major policies: Welfare and Health, Disability and Family.

Welfare and Health

  • Reimbursement of social security benefits in nursing homes and in care homes.
  • The organisation of the first line of home help and care.
  • Health prevention and health promotion.
  • Financing of reception and accommodation facilities and hospitals.


  • Raising awareness and providing information on disability issues
  • Policies relating to the reception and accommodation of people with disabilities
  • Assistance with home adaptations
  • Financing employment and adapted training policies.


  • Definition of family allowances
  • Managing budgets and controlling the related funds.

To carry out its missions, the AVIQ works with essential values :

  • Equity ;
  • Solidarity;
  • Quality and efficiency.

Its approach

The AVIQ's ambition is to offer each Walloon citizen answers adapted to his or her needs in terms of assistance, support, well-being and health, to enable him or her to lead a quality life, while simplifying procedures and ensuring the constant improvement of the quality of its services.

Quality of life includes:

  • Information on health risks
  • Prevention and screening of certain diseases
  • Available and coordinated home help
  • Efficient care for the elderly
  • Modern and renovated infrastructures (reception, care, accommodation, etc.)
  • Family allowances for children living in Wallonia
  • Support and/or adapted reception for people with disabilities.

It is indeed the Walloon population as a whole that is concerned by the competences of the AVIQ, through its direct action or through the more than 2,000 services that it approves, subsidises or supports !

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